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Geoffrey G. Briant, LL.B.

President & CEO


An experienced Canadian institutional investment management executive with over 25 years of experience in the Canadian financial services industry including the development of hedge fund, structured product and derivatives expertise combined with Canadian income tax expertise.


With responsibility for institutional sales in Eastern Canada, he establishes and maintains professional relationships with the leading pension funds, endowments and foundations in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes as well as in Western Canada.






After selecting a hedge fund or alternatives fund to represent and co-ordinating the required securities registration with leading Canadian legal counsel, we jointly develop a single marketing message to professionally and consistently represent the fund to Canadian institutional investors.


Our marketing services include:


  • Development of all marketing materials

  • Advising on hedge fund databases

  • AIMA Due Diligence Questionnaire review

  • Development of RFP replies

  • Arranging sponsorships at Canadian alternative investments conferences

  • Speaking engagements at Canadian alternative investments conferences


Our sales services include:


  • Introductions to Canadian institutional investors

  • Co-ordinating and providing any requested follow-up items

  • Co-ordinating and providing monthly performance updates and Quarterly Commentaries

  • Co-ordinating and attending follow-on videoconferences and on-site visits

  • Co-ordinating and assisting with the execution of  all investment subscription documentation required in finalizing and implementing allocations


We manage the Canadian institutional sales cycle for our hedge fund and alternatives clients - from introductions to allocations and assistance with ongoing client service. We believe our clients should concentrate on what they do best - portfolio management!


We are a firm of Canadian institutional sales professionals dedicated to representing the World's leading hedge funds and alternatives in the Canadian institutional market of pension funds, endowments and foundations. Alternatives includes private equity, private debt and infrastructure.


Canada's pension funds include some of the largest in the World. Our primary focus is on the Top 100 Canadian pension funds with an openness to alternative investments.


For our selected hedge fund and alternatives clients, we manage the Canadian institutional sales cycle from introductions to allocations. Assistance with ongoing client service follows.


G2 Alternatives provides cost-effective institutional sales representation in Canada with the benefit of a full-time, professional sales effort while controlling fixed costs. We have a proven track record of success!

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